Publications & Forms

Quality Assurance and Accreditation Division

Recognition of Qualifications


Education Consultancy and Placement Firms (ECPFs)

  • Guidelines for ECPF 2021 Download
  • ANNEXURE II: Application Form for Establishment of ECPF Download
  • ANNEXURE III: Proposal for Establishment of ECPF Download
  • Annexure VII The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Download
  • ANNEXURE IX: Application Form for Change in Ownership of ECPF Download
  • ANNEXURE X: Proposal for Change in Ownership of ECPF Download
  • ANNEXURE XI: Checklist for Organizing Education Fair Download
  • ANNEXURE XIII: Service Agreement Download
  • ANNEXURE XII: Application Form for Participation in Education Fair Download


  • Advice to students and parents Download
  • Instructions for Foreign Students to DU Download
  • MoE Role in Education Fair Download


Higher Education Planning Division

  • State of Tertiary Education 2017 Download
  • State of Tertiary Education 2018 Download
  • State of Tertiary Education 2019 Download
  • State of Tertiary Education 2020 Download
  • Funding & Financing Mechanism for Tertiary Education 2013 Download
  • Tertiary Education Policy of the Kingdom of Bhutan 2010 Download
  • Rules and Regulations for the Establishment of Colleges 2012 (Revised 2017)Download
  • Tertiary Education Roadmap for Bhutan : 2017-2027 Download
  • Report of the Sensitization on Higher Education Opportunities and Scholarships -2019 Download


Scholarship and Student Support Division


Non-Formal and Continuing Education Division

  • BLC Workshop report for Samdrup Jongkhar Download
  • Final report for local leaders meeting at Wangdue Download
  • Final Report on Tailoring Training for CLC Managers and Learners Download
  • The Royal address during the NFE orientation  workshop Download
  • NFE PLC Materials Download
  • NFE BLC Materials Download