Continuing Education (CE) programme was introduced in February 2006 to provide opportunity to adults who could not complete their school education (Class IX to XII) and to upgrade their academic qualification. It is aimed at encouraging lifelong learning and career enhancement.

As a pilot programme, it was first launched at Kelki Higher Secondary School in Thimphu. The provision for such a programme was also emphasized by the Civil Service Reform then, which required qualification up-gradation. Due to its popularity, the programme was expanded to other Dzongkhags in the subsequent years, along with the introduction of Dzongkha Rigzhung in Thimphu in 2012.

As of 2014, there were 17 CE centres spread in Dzongkhags/Thromde, namely Bumthang, Chukha, Haa, Paro, Pemagatshel, Samdrupjongkhar, Samtse, Sarpang, Thimphu, Tsirang, and Wangdue. Currently, there are three CE Centres in the country.

The programme has benefited more than 10,972 learners since its inception in advancing their academic qualification and career.

1.      Objectives

  • To provide lifelong learning opportunities to youth and adults.
  • To provide opportunities to advance career and academic qualification for youth and adults.

2.      Strategies

  • Facilitate the establishment of CE Centres both in public and private schools.
  • Explore and provide support to aspiring adult learners for CE programme.
  • Provide professional training to CE tutors on andragogy.
  • Support with Teaching and learning materials to the CE Centres at par with regular school.