Scholarship Steering and Selection Committee

The Scholarship and Student Support Division (SSSD) under the Department of Adult and Higher Education, Ministry of Education administers the entire Undergraduate Scholarship Programme for the class XII passed Bhutanese students selected by the government for further studies. The programme provides opportunities for high achieving students to undertake full time undergraduate study in different parts of the world in the priority human resource and development needs of the country.

It is an integral part of the Royal Government’s long-term human resource development programme to address the shortage of human resources in the critical need areas. Based on the national human resource requirement, various ex-country scholarships in both professional and generic fields are implemented annually, under the Royal Government of Bhutan (RGoB) as well as the Government of India (GoI) funding.

Scholarships are provided based on academic merit, fulfilling the eligibility criteria and other required documents as determined by the Undergraduate Scholarship Steering Committee, which is the highest governing body for undergraduate scholarship programmes.


Undergraduate Scholarship Steering Committee

The Undergraduate Scholarship Steering Committee is the highest  governing body in deciding any scholarship matters at the undergraduate level with the members comprising of representatives from cross sectoral government agencies. The Committee meets twice a year, once in the month of January to decide on the undergraduate scholarships to be implemented for the year and September to update on the implementation status.  The primary role of the Scholarship Steering Committee is to:

  1. Prioritize and approve the number of scholarship slots and courses to be implemented for the year;
  2. Approve the course eligibility and selection criteria
  3. Prioritize and approve the place of study and;
  4. Provide guidance and direction for the implementation of scholarship programmes.


The members of the Undergraduate Scholarship Steering Committee comprise of the following:

  1. Secretary, Ministry of Education (Chairperson)
  2. Director General, Department of Employment and Human Resources, MoLHR
  3. Director General, Department of Adult and Higher Education (DAHE), MoE
  4. Registrar General, Bhutan Medical and Health Council (BMHC)
  5. Director, Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC)
  6. Director, Directorate of Services, MoH
  7. Director, Directorate of Services, MoE
  8. Director, Department of National Budget, MoF
  9. Education Focal, GNHC
  10. Chief Programme Officer, Scholarship and Student Support Division, DAHE (Member Secretary)

Scholarship Selection Committee

The selection for the undergraduate scholarship is done based on merit as per the merit ranking order, through a selection interview by the Scholarship Selection Committee consisting of panel members from relevant agencies. The Scholarship Selection Committee shall be presided by a chairperson elected from amongst the members with the Chief Programme Officer of the Division as the Member Secretary. The panel members shall declare conflict of interest and decline from participation in case of conflict of interest. The primary role of the Scholarship Selection Committee is:

  1. Selection of candidates for scholarships;
  2. Verification of the documents as per announcement;
  3. Verification of the eligibility criteria
  4. Provide comprehensive briefing on undergraduate scholarships programme, scholarship obligation, entitlement, admission process and other requirements for the students selected for scholarships;
  5. Guidance and clarification on the courses and career prospects.


The members of the Scholarship Selection Committee comprise of the representatives from the following:

  1. Royal Civil Service Commission
  2. Ministry of Labour and Human Resources
  3. Ministry of Works and Human Settlement
  4. Ministry of Agricultura and Forestry
  5. Bhutan Council for School Examinations and Assessment
  6. Embassy of India
  7. Department of Adult and Higher Education, MoE