Higher Education Planning Division


Higher Education Planning Division is one of the divisions under Department of Adult and Higher Education with a mandate to develop policy, rules and regulation and guidelines to set the long-term visions and key strategies. 


The mandates of Higher Education Planning Division are:

  • Develop policies and guidelines for the growth and development of tertiary education system in the country.
  • Develop implementation plan for the tertiary education policy.
  • Facilitate and monitor establishment of universities/ colleges/ institutes for providing enhanced choices of tertiary education within the country.
  • Serve as information repository for tertiary education.
  • Implement Student Loan Scheme for Tertiary Education (SLSTE).
  • Execute higher education activities related to SAARC.

Major achievements of the division: 

  • Developed Tertiary Education Policy of the Kingdom of Bhutan, 2010.
  • Revised Rules & Regulations for the Establishment of Colleges, 2012.
  • Printed Funding & Financial Mechanism for Tertiary Education, 2013.
  • Developed Tertiary Education Roadmap for Bhutan: 2017-2027.
  • Conducted 13 meetings of Tertiary Education Board.
  • Facilitated loans to the students to pursue Student Loan Scheme for Tertiary Education.
  • Developed draft Guidelines for the Establishment of Universities and Autonomous Institutes.
  • Published State of Tertiary Education on annual basis.
  • Facilitated and provided final approval to 4 colleges (3 Public and 1 private).
  • In-principle approval accorded to 1 private college at Phaduna, Punakha (under construction).
  • Developed Tertiary Education Statistics system (TESS) to capture data on tertiary education.

Services provided:

  • Facilitated and monitor establishment of universities / colleges/ institutes for providing choices of tertiary education within the country.
  • Visited all the HSS to sensitize on loan scheme and other opportunities on higher education.
  • Provide information on higher education to parents and students.