The Department of Adult and Higher Education would like to notify all students selected for undergraduate scholarships 2022, except ICCR scholarship students, to submit the duly filled admission forms along with the following documents given below on or before 10 June 2022

  • GOI scholarship students will have to submit THREE SETS of documents, one set in original (as indicated below) and two sets in copies. 
  • RGOB scholarship students (MBBS & APEMS) are required to submit TWO SETS, one in original (as indicated below) and one set in copy arranged in the same order as listed below. 
  • All admission forms must be either typed or hand written in Bold in original.
  • Submit the Admission Forms to the Scholarship Division, DAHE either in person or by representatives.
  1. Admission form A: For MBBS, Pharmacy and Engineering in India (GOI scholarship)
  2. Admission form B: For MBBS & APEMS (RGoB scholarship).
  3. Admission form C: For Allied Health & Biological Sciences in India (GOI Scholarship)
  4. Class 10 pass certificate and mark sheet -  Copy
  5. Class 12 pass certificate and mark sheet -  Copy
  6. School Leaving and Character Certificate - Copy
  7. Medical Fitness certificate (Hospital) - Original
  8. Birth Certificate (Hospital) - Original
  9. English Language Proficiency Certificate (BCSEA) - Copy
  10. Migration Certificate (school)   -  Copy
  11. Citizenship Identity Card - Copy
  12. Passport - Copy
  13. Security Clearance (hard copy) - Only for MBBS in Sri Lanka for processing visa


In-country scholarship (RTC) students are requested to submit the following documents ONLY. Admission Form is NOT required.

  1. BCSE and BHSEC pass certificate and mark sheet
  2. School leaving and character certificate 
  3. Migration certificate 
  4. Citizenship Identity Card